Beautiful Greek spot with hand-stacked gyros to eat in or takeout



Fresh, made to order, spit roasted meat. locally source, quality, grass and grained feed meats, free-range chicken, hand layered with imported greek ingredients.


Our Values

Food is health. For our bodies and for our planet.

GY.ROSE understands the connection between the health of our planet, and how that translates to the health of our bodies, mainly through food.

We source premium ingredients from partners with dedication to quality that support our community.

When you enjoy what you eat, truly enjoy, there is a different response, your body has to what you’re putting in it. Your body releases certain enzymes that breaks food down differently than if you were to eat some thing you didn’t enjoy, but were eating it more out of convenience, or to be “healthy.”

At GY.ROSE we believe in a holistic approach to not just food, but the experience of food. How it’s made, how it’s grown, and where it comes from.

Slow food made with passion

We are a brand that commits to local and organic produce.

A restaurant that commits to using only responsibly raised meat with some of the highest animal welfare standards.


I. The condition of eliminating all diets, rules, or morality with food. Allowing Food, to be part of your life, without controlling it.

Pickup & Delivery